Clint mansell - πr² (12" mixes)

This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents... Music by: Clint Mansell : Cinematography: Matthew Libatique: Edited by: Oren ...

Max tries programming his computer, Euclid, to make stock predictions. In the middle of printing out its picks, Euclid prints out a seemingly random 216-digit number, as well as a single pick at one-tenth its current value, then crashes. Disgusted, Max tosses the printout away. The next morning, he checks the financial pages and sees that the pick Euclid made was accurate. He searches desperately for the printout but cannot find it. Sol becomes unnerved when Max mentions the number, asking if it contained 216 digits. When Max questions him about the number, Sol indicates that he came across it many years ago. He urges Max to slow down and take a break.

Clint Mansell - πr² (12